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Short Description:

Color Cylindrical Softlens (Toric Softlens) specifically for Astigmatism or Astigmatism Eyes
Toric contact lenses other than cylinder size, can be accompanied by minus sizes, and can be of different sizes for the left eye and right eye.
High quality, made from the best material Hydrogel Silicon. Gentle on the eyes & comfortable for everyday use.

Brand: dbeyes
Made in china

Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 45%
Silicon Hydrogel
Life Span 12 months

Ready Stock Size:
Power : 0.00 ~ -7.50 (Step -0.25)
Cylinder : 0.00 ~ Cyl -3.75 (Step -0.25)
Axis : 10 ~ 180 (Step 10)
(Right and left can be different sizes according to the recipe)


How to Order
For example:
L : Sph -2.25 / Cyl -1.25 / Axis 10
R: Sph -3.50 / Cyl -1.75 / Axis 180
Desired motif: Pearl Black

1. MUST INCLUDE SIZE in the message column to the seller, or chat directly after checkout
2. The price listed is for a PAIR of contact lenses & FREE LENSCASE
3. Left & right eyes can be different in cylinder size, minus and axis

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameters

Packaging  2 pieces/ box 
Available Type  Plano and myopia
Color Name  Maria Blue
Qualified honor-1

Moistriziing PC Treatment


Learn About This Color

14.2mm Colorful looking Maria Blue color with 40% water content work perfectly on your experience of comfort and makeup match.

DB Stay With You

One of the most important moment is happening, congratulation, this series is designed very colorfully, just want your wedding to be more abundant, that day you are the spotlight, also including your eyes, DB color contact lenses will be supporting your beauty all along on that day.


Working With Us

Let us working out together for your color contact lenses color selection.

Let us working together for your box packaging design.

Let us working together for the photos you want for your promotion.

Our Service

Returning Policy
Selling products is our business base, building good relationship with you is our fuel, we take care of the issues come from product quality, we have professional after service team to support, feel complete free to contact our staff for quality issues.

Your Promotion Helper
We offer you the color contact lenses promotion photos, you can use them on your social media or offline stores, to help you sell better.

Your Mmoney Saver
Message us and join our membership to get 20% off for your first order from DB, and you can get points from each of your order, which can be used as money for your future order.

Story With DB

Sometimes we tell a story that nobody can hear. With this pair of lenses, you'll have the moonlight in your eyes. Your eyes will shine brighter than a night full of stars. The best part is, nobody will know your little secret to the sparkle in your eye. Somethings are best kept a secret!




1.) MOQ natural cosmetic contact lens
20 pairs to start your first order.

2.) Price fashion contact lenses
Please don't hesitate to contact our staffs to get the price immediately. Low ex-factory price to save your budgets.

3.) Custom packages cosmetic contact lens wholesale
300 pcs to build your own brand with the professional designing team. Just send us your logo, slogan and ideas.

4.) Quauty guarantee
All products have past a series of quality certificates, such as CE, IsO, CFDA, MSDS, etc.

5.) Shipping methods
FEDEX, UPS, DHL, HKTNT or some methods you prefer.

6.) Catalog
Please contact the staffs to get the catalog directly.

7.) Sample service
5PAIRS of free lenses with freight collect can be offered as samples.

8.) Payment methods
Western Union, Paypal, Trade Assurance, T/T, Bank Transfer are available.

9.) Delivery time
Normally it takes 3-6 days. If you need to make your own CUSTOM PACKINGS, it may be prolonged to 1month.

10.) After-sale service
Any damaged or broken lenses, pls contact us to get more accordling free lenses.

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