Our Plan

Our Plan

Our Plan

                                                                                                            Brand Original Intention

Safty & Beauty
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Brand Original Intention

We believe that the Beauty of fashion can be accessible to everyone, no matter what nationality, skin color or religion you come from.
Our original intention of creation is to bring Beauty to everyone, so that everyone can be a model. But as we grew, we also realized the limitations of online sales. 

So we set out to bring our brand to more people by developing global partnerships.

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With ten years of r&d and manufacturing experience.

Providing products to more than 300 brands and distributors.

Serving more than 90 countries and regions.


The first thing to do a good brand is to do a good product. 
















 In 2012

The factory started mass production. With ten years of r&d and manufacturing experience, we have established an efficient technical team and ...

Since 2020

We have been committed to the research of silicon hydrogel technology of the same type as Johnson & Johnson, Cooper and Alcon, and supplied to our own brand Diverse Beauty.

 In 2012

Our brand has achieved good results in China and surrounding regions. It also motivates us to give back to those who need us, through the E.Y.E.S initiative.